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Monday, November 14, 2005

High-Tech Tennis/Mugging For The Camera

What do I have in common with Jim Courier and Mats Wilander? Yes, we all can serve a tennis ball over 130 mph, but we also are gadget freaks. I found this out when they stopped by our broadcast booth at the Stanford Financial Champions Cup last Saturday.

Courier almost stole my new video iPod when I wasn't looking and Mats (two-time French Open champ) freaked over my Tablet PC. C'mon guys, you have enough jack to buy your own tech company. Drop by Best Buy or something.

Didn't get to chat with John McEnroe but everyone who walked throught the gate got a free copy of his book "You Cannot Be Serious," subtitled "I Should Pay YOU To Take This Book" (which they kind of did).

All the players were very nice and it was neat to meet most of them. They know how to sell an event and keep the fans happy. Thanks to everyone for coming out to say Hi during the broadcast.

(Oh, ran into Congressman Tom Delay later that evening at an event I emceed. Nice mug shot, huh?!)


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