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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Great Football Weekend, huh?

Ugh! I'll blame Vince Young on the Longhorns' loss. If he hadn't left school early he could have single-handedly won the game.

The Cowboys started strong but then Bledsoe did his best Colt McCoy impersonation. I don't know whose name I heard being yelled louder on Sunday - Tony Romo or Sage Rosenfels.

Oh, and the Texans lost.

The most interesting part of the TV sports weekend was watching the newly revamped NFL pregame shows. FOX is trying something new by taking their studio crew to the #1 game site each week (Jacksonville on Sunday) so Joe Buck can host the show and then hop up in the booth for p-by-p. Buck is my new favorite sports host. He's got the right mix of personality, humor and cockiness. Reminds me of legend Bob Costas (must be a St. Louis thing).

The J-Ville fans behind the set were a bit thin but this new traveling roadshow hasn't yet caught on. I expect a full house as the season goes by. Me thinks the FOX guys are trying to emulate the popular College Football Game Day over at ESPN. No doubt Bradshaw will soon be sporting his version of Lee Corso's obnoxious game prediction. And I loved Frank Caliendo's impression of the departed FOX host James Brown.

J.B. has moved alphabetically down the dial this year to host the CBS pregame show from an air conditioned NY studio. What happened to Dan Marino? Has he been on the Nicole Ritchie diet? Shannon Sharpe still can't pronounce a single word in English and Boomer Esiason still can't be funny when he tries. And this is where Charlie Casserly landed? They need to put more make-up on this guy and PLEASE get a professional hair stylist. Terry Bradshaw's 'do puts Casserly's wig to shame.

Nothing much changed on ESPN's early NFL Countdown show. Ditka nows sits on the desk as Steve Young opted to stay at home on the west coast this year. Lots of packaged stuff with the obligatory Chris Connelly overcome-the-odds-let's-try-to-make-you-cry story. (and did you see his piece on Texas QB Colt McCoy on Saturday? Talk about stretching a non-story into a 6-minute long let's-make-Colt-a-hero piece of crap!). And I always found it interesting how ESPN saves its "big" piece to air exactly at 10:58am CT. That's because if you find yourself getting wrapped up in the story they are hoping you will forget to turn the channel to FOX or CBS for their 11am shows. No such luck, ESPN. I'm an NFC guy and my TV automatically switches to Buck/Bradshaw/Howie and Jimmy.

I caught a quick glimpse of NBC's Football Night in America. Costas is solid gold and Chris Collinsworth, though overexposed between HBO and NFL Network, is very good. Sterling Sharpe thinks his stuff doesn't stink and Jerome Bettis was an odd choice for the recently-retired-player-going-straight-to-the-booth. They'd better be good as NBC paid a ton for this programming and there is no other football option at that time. Hopefully this experience will transform Sunday nights into the Monday night experience of yore.

Side note: What the hell was that opening song thing on NBC? Pink?? Guess the network is trying to get females to watch (at least the opening montage). I almost turned it off after the second shot of her nose ring. It's never gonna touch Hank Jr.'s Are You Ready For Some Football but I do give her points for making at least 16 versions of the song for each weekly match up. Hey, it's tough rhyming "Manning vs. Manning."

Side note #2: Can't believe it took NBC a whole 8 minutes before the first Manning parents shot.

And speaking of Monday night football shows, if this Tony Kornheiser thing doesn't work out, I've got much more hair and almost as much b.s. I've got my pads on and am waiting for the call.

Football 2006-07. Let's roll!!


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