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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Little Tiny Movies

Holiday shopping season must be around the corner as two big announcements recently came down to help separate us from our money. And who doesn't like watching movies, kids!?!?

Notice I wrote watching movies, not going to the movies. That's because Amazon and Apple are now offering downloadable movies for you to watch at your leisure. And if you enjoy holding a video iPod or sitting upright at your PC for 2+ hours, then get ready to party.

Amazon actually beat Apple to the punch with the news. They have cut a deal with over 30 major studios including Sony and Universal to download near-DVD quality movies priced between $8-$15. These flicks can be viewed on your PC and most all portable media devices EXCEPT the iPod.

So in order to watch downloadable movies on your iPod (officially and legally from Apple), Steve Jobs announced that his fruity company struck a deal with a studio (as in ONE studio) - Disney. It could be ironic that he is a board member and the largest individual shareholder of Disney but don't let that get in the way of the hype; more studios are surely to hop on the big bandwagon.

Apple movies will cost from $9.99 - $14.99 and downloadable at the new iTunes Movie Store. But the films will be tethered to consumer's iPods or computers, and consumers won't be able to burn copies of their purchases to DVDs.

And Stevie J. rarely stops at just one announcement. Be on the lookout for a new iPod nano with more battery life, bigger storage capacity, a brighter display and more color schemes. The Shuffle is now almost as small as in the famous SNL skit where a faux Jobs holds up an invisible device. And coming sometime in 2007 a set-top box that will let consumers move their downloaded movies from their PCs to their TVs, via a wireless connection (codename - iTV).

More: MacNewsWorld, CNET, Forbes


  • Heard you on KTRH with the news. Sounds like you aren't that impressed. Me neither. I really don't see myself sitting at my computer watching a long movie.

    By Anonymous Jeremy H, at 5:52 PM  

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