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Friday, October 20, 2006

Come See Sneak Preview - AT&T U-Verse

It's here, kind of. AT&T has rolled out its U-Verse service in San Antonio and getting ready to turn it on in selected areas across Houston in mid-November.

U-Verse delivers high-speed Internet and television (yes, TV) through fiber optics. AT&T has been laying fiber in selected neighborhoods for the past several months and will first light up the Bridgeland community (Hwy 290 near Fry Rd) soon.

If you've never surfed or seen TV via fiber you will probably be impressed. The picture is crystal clear and there is no lag time when changing channels. It has a pretty intuitive interface and comes with a built-in DVR.

Come take the first local look at this service this weekend at the Bridgeland. I'll be out there from Saturday 2p-5p witht the AT&T mobile truck all pimped out with flat screens, stereo speakers and U-Verse service.

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