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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pick The Texans And SAVE MONEY!

Here's a classic sales promotion and only from Mattress Mack. If you buy $3,000 or more of furniture and electronics at Gallery Furniture and have it delivered before Noon this Sunday, Sept. 17th, you'd better root hard for the Houston Texans.

If the team beats the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday, you get all the gear for free! At first glance this seems like a gamble you want to take odds on. But it's the Texans. Versus the Colts! At Indy! Peyton Manning v David Carr. Marvin Harrison v the Texans defense.

Mack has got himself a sure bet as humidity in Houston. Hell, he may as well put up co-ownership of his store at these odds. Wonder how many suckers, er, customers will rush out to I-45 beween Tidwell and Parker to shop?

Hmmm, wonder if there is a 3 day return policy on a big screen TV out there. Save the receipt!


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