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Monday, September 18, 2006

$igh of Relief

Did you hear that big "WHEW" Sunday afternoon? That wasn't a cold front blowing in but rather Mattress Mack breathing a big sigh of relief. Not that he was ever really worried the Texans would roll over Indianapolis Colts. They just rolled over.

Mack offered a full refund to anyone who bought $3,000 or more worth of Gallery Furniture stuff if the Texans won their game this past weekend. 4 David Carr sacks and 400 Peyton Manning passing yards later the Texans are 0-2.

So who bought in to Mack's grand marketing plan? Wonder if he took out any insurance for the promotion.

If Mack was smart - and we know he is - he'd run this promotion EVERY week of the football season.


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