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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's See Bob McNair Do This

I was in the wrong Texas city this past weekend to see this in person (didn't the Cowboys used to play pre-season games in San Antonio?)...

My boys up in Dallas alerted me to this video that ran on the Texas Stadium video screens during the Cowboys first pre-season game last Saturday. According to those at the game and some media rants, this actually got the most cheers and applause during the game (though the fans were pumped that the team beat the Super Bowl defending Indy Colts).

For those commercial or pizza aficionados, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones apparently switched his allegiance from Pizza Hut. Back in the Deion Sanders days, Jerry appeared with Neon Deion in a Pizza Hut spot arguing that Deion couldn't have it both way (thin crust and thick crust). Of course Deion was trying to tell Jerry that he should have it both ways - both a $15 and $20 million contract. And of course Deion got it all in the end with a $35 million contract plus all the thick and thin crust pizza he could eat.

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