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Friday, August 24, 2007

Oooma. Big Weekend. Clear!

I'm upgrading Casa Garfield with new home automation features. The stuff I put in four years ago is almost obsolete now. The new Crestron touch-screen panel looks great in the kitchen wall; now I just need to find somone to replace sheetrock... Photos and updates soon when installed.

Had to stop programming the thermostats and cameras when the doorbell rang. Ding dong, it's DHL with a delivery. Helloooooo ooma! Yes, I'm a lucky White Rabbit beta tester. Of all the packages I've been delivered from companies and press agents, this is hands-down the sharpest of them all. Very Apple-like packaging - simple, elegant, inviting.

I'll report back soon with my thoughts on the service which provides free phone calls to any phone number from regular phones. It's installed and works nice so far.

Lots of schtuff hapnin' this weekend. I'm gonna do my best to stop by BarCamp before my show on Saturday. The local arm of an international network of "unconferences," BarCamp will feature tech sessions and workshops like Grid based web design (taught by my boy, Kelsey Ruger), Challenges & Strategies for enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 and how to create Flash presentations in your browser.

If I really wake up early and get out the door quickly I can also hit UH to check out Houston TechFest. That's where my brain will really explode from learning Object-Oriented Programming in .NET and an Introduction to C# 3.0, among other classes.

Tune in from 1-4pm as we're expecting a call from Laurence "Second Life" "Crapman" Simon. He's in Chicago at a Second Life conference. Wonder if that an extra extra long distance call...

In-studio guests include Dr. Victor Miranda from the soon-to-open Emergency Health Centre in Tomball. He and his partners are launching a multi-million dollar concierge medicine facility next week. I took a tour this afternoon and if I ever need quick medical attention it may be worth driving 40 minutes from my home to go there. Amazing equipment that should save time and lives including a $1.4 million 64-slice CT scanner, the first scanner capable of providing clear images of the heart and its major vessels in less than five seconds.

Maybe Earthlink should send its Municipal Network division and Houston WiFi project there since it seems to be on life support.

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