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Friday, August 17, 2007

Saturday Show...Tax and Hurricane-Free

Don't freak when you see this chart. My weathercasting buddy Wes Hohenstein sent me this supersecret weatherguy site where all the "meteorologists" get their forecasting information.

It shows that the Houston area as the smallest of chances of getting hit by Hurricane Dean. Remember that this next week when every media outlet will lead with the story and describe how mass destruction is knocking at our doorstep.
Back to our normal rant now...Got a packed show for you this Saturday (1-4pm CT heard locally in Houston on 950AM). Blogger-extraordinaire Laurence "Crapman" Simon will be in studio to fully explain what Second Life is. All I know is that since he started living in that virtual world he has been blogging a bit less. Come back to reality, Crapper!
Ever wanted to to automate some of your home controls like thermostats and lights? Steve Joyner from Houston Audio Video pops in during the 3pm hour to describe and take calls about home automation, building a home theater and more.
After the show I head over to the GRB for a 5pm presentation at the Houston Home Show. Come by and we'll yap more about home automation, new gadgets and more.

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