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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

UPDATE: New iPods Coming

I rarely visit the Apple web site but I happened to check their online store this morning to see if they carried an iPod accessory I was looking for. The online store appears to be down at the moment, perhaps in anticipation of a whole new line of products to be introduced this afternoon.

If rumors and blog speculation hold true, Apple will announce a touch-screen iPod with a 3.5-inch display at a San Fran media event. Other rumors suggest that iPods will have some sort of wireless capability (imagine that, a wireless way to download songs to a mobile device).

In related news from Microsoft that they say is unrelated (whatever), the Zune price is dropping $50 to $199. Microsoft says the cut is "part of the normal product lifecycle, something we've had on the books for months." Wonder why it took them so long to discount the popular Xbox???

Microsoft continues to chip away at Apple news today by stating that a mobile phone based on it's Zune digital media player 'is not an unreasonable move'. I'd like to go on the record now stating that I may turn my car into a spaceship. I think they are as many Zune players in the market as I have cars.

I did just provide NewsRadio 740 KTRH with comments on Google's rumored mobile phone. The "GPhone" could possibly offer free wireless service in exchange for listening or watching advertisements. If any company is in the position of bringing a deal like this to market it is Google. They have extensive relationships with the advertising and mobile communities plus have pockets so deep Bill Gates may ask to borrow lunch money. No confirmed plans or date of the GPhone.

UPDATE: Wi-Fi, Starbuck, Ringtones, iPod Touch, oh my.....

UP-UP-DATE...I wish I could sell these things. My inbox is overloaded with questions about the new iPods; it would be simple to link to my online store and sell them. But since I haven't touched or heard them for myself yet all you get is conjecture...

iPod Touch - Looks like an iPhone. Feels like an iPhone. No phone. I hate to say I told you so but harken back to my first full review of the iPhone on July 1 (paragraph 10 to be specific).

"This is an iPod"

And now the Apple designers took the sleek touch-screen design of the iPhone and removed the phone. Since I'm not a fanboy of stuff like this I'll let you read the early thoughts from TechCrunch. It ain't "sliced bread."

iPod Nano - Squattier but it had to be to add a 2-inch display for video. Apple says its thinner than the current Nano and has a 65% brighter screen with higher resolution. 4GB and 8GB starting at $149.

iPod Classic - Roll out an older model with a few improvements, slap on the word "Classic" and you've got a must-have product. Maybe. Thinner, all-metal design and it can hold up to 160GB (as every model should).

Apple said it is cutting the price of the 8GB iPhone by $200. That's a hefty 33% off the initial price two months ago. Sorry for all you early adopters (including me) but at least we made a lot of friends and got a lot of looks in July, huh? The 4GB model won't exist as it shouldn't have even been made in the first place.

iPhoners wanting personalized ringtones finally get their wish. $1.98 gets you a song download and a 30-second snippet of that song to use a ringtone. You can have up to 30 different ringers.

A new Wi-Fi iTunes Music store will be released where users can download songs to the iPod Touch. Music will be synced to iTunes when connected to a computer. Better news - and a long time coming - this service will be coming to the iPhone in about a month.

Steve Jobs touted a new relationship with Starbucks. In the iTunes music store, when you get near a specially-equipped Starbucks a special feature will launch letting you see what song is playing at the shop and a one-touch button to buy it. Who the hell cares what song is playing at Starbucks?? And what about us who don't drink coffee? Big deal.

Your turn. Thoughts???

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  • Wow. You sure you haven't played with these yet?

    I'll think about an iphone now that they are cheaper. $400 is still too much.

    By Anonymous Allison, at 6:31 PM  

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