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Monday, September 03, 2007

Pass The Quechup

Just what the world needs...another social networking site. Keep your MySpace and Facebook, continue playing with Twitter and Pownce and a few others, but stay away from freaking Quechup.

This new site describes itself as "the social networking platform sweeping the globe." And many of us know why. Spam, baby, spam. I received an invite from a friend/blogger who shall remain nameless (but I will link to him!) asking me to join over the weekend. My first thought was not to do it as I hardly even use my MySpace and Facebook accounts. But I try to research most things on the Net and I registered.

I thought something was fishy when it asked me for my password to one of my email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and even Outlook. Quechup was going to do me a favor and send a nice email to every single person in my address book asking them to join. For some strange reason - maybe I was in a hurry or maybe God was looking over my keyboard - I mistyped my Gmail password. Instead of re-entering it I just blew it off and moved to the next screen.

That little hiccup saved about 3,000 of my close friends, relatives and business contacts a massive piece of spam email. Many people received this invitation and by joining themselves it spread faster than Breck shampoo.

DON'T JOIN QUECHUP! Some quick research found that the site is operated by a company called iDate. Its run by two brothers with a contact address in Las Vegas, though the site has a European feel. No comment from the company even after I sent about 3,000 emails to them.



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