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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Apple A Day

I don't yap much about Apple (other than canonizing the iPhone a few months back). But since my son just got a MacBook and I will be the keynote speaker at the November Houston Area Apple Users Group (Gawd hep me!!), I might as well get better versed with the 8 percenters.

iPhone news...I have yet to hack my phone and don't plan to since I don't feel like playing the cat-and-mouse game with Apple and AT&T of "will it work/will it not work." So relief is on the way for do-gooders like me. Apple will allow third-party companies to develop applications on the iPhone and new iPod touch units. Don't hold your breath until February, though.

The new Mac OS X operating system goes on sale October 26. Code named "Leonard," the operating system is set to cost $129 for a single-user license and $199 for a five-user "Family Pack" license. I doubt there will be lines around the corner a la the iPhone launch but still those die-hard Maccies (or is it Maccabees? And if it is will the next version be code named "Judah?") will be flowing into stores next week. Leopard alledgedly has 300 new features in comparison to the current version.

Check out Apple's ubiquitous countdown clock on the Apple home page.

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