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Monday, October 08, 2007

Houston is Very Bueno!!!

You've listened to and seen me in the Houston area for almost a decade. You know my favorite sports teams, my hobbies, my kids' names and definitely my fave foods. Though I've been living in the H-Town area since the mid-90's, I'm still a Dallas boy at heart.

I grew up with Slurpees and still can't figure out why 7-11 doesn't have stores here. But I can now check something off my "Bring this to Houston" list that I have been yearning for. Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages with hunger pangs, TACO BUENO has reached this market!

How did I know this was big news (atleast to me)? One of my regular listeners called me with the breaking news (btw, I am treating Amy Dudley to all the Bueno Chiladas she can eat!). She has heard me talk about my love for "the Buen" and wanted to make sure I knew that the Dallas-based fast-food chain has opened a location that is in relative proximity to me.

The Woodlands is the recipient of this gift to us and I would highly recommend anyone living up in George Mitchell-land to make this a regular stop on their morning, afternoon and evening commutes. I live in the southwest part of Houston and while I will continue to hold my breath until TB opens a Sugar Land location (please!) it is definitely worth a 50 minute drive to woof down my beloved bean burritos.

There are many reasons I talk about the Buen. Maybe it's memories of me getting my driver's license and rolling up to the Forest Ln & Inwood Rd. location in Dallas as my very first destination behind the wheel. It could be all those times my buddies and I sneaked off high school campus to get our burrito fix instead of eating the brown bag lunches our mom's made us.

Or the fact that yes I, Michael Garfield, worked at a Taco Bueno (that same Forest & Inwood location) frying corn tortillas into chips, boiling refried beans and dripping cheese on Beef Muchacos. (I only worked there 1 week back in '83 but I'll save that story for another time)

I don't get up to Dallas as often as I would like due to my schedule but when I do I tell my parents, my grandmother and my friends that I am coming to town to visit them. That's not the full story as the first stop I make when I reach Big D is on Central Expressway...the Buen located near Southwestern Blvd. And if I'm not full after that stop I head up a few miles and get off at the Forest Ln. location.

So WELCOME to town, Taco Bueno. This Ft. Bend County resident will now be more familiar with the beautiful Woodlands area as I ride up there regularly for a fix. And if you are looking to build more stores in this big city of ours maybe one former employee and Bueno aficianado could be sweet-talked into a franchise.

That would really be bueno!



  • Maybe I am getting confused by somewhere else I have lived, but I think Taco Bueno used to have Houston locations and they all just closed shop.

    By Blogger mikemcguff, at 6:07 PM  

  • my Bueno was Beltline and Coit - I think it is now an Indian restaurant

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:51 PM  

  • I remember visiting my Houston friends while in college and seeing a few Taco Buenos around town. I believe one was on Gessner near SW Frwy.

    They went out of business here probably in the late 80s. But it just don't matta as they are BACK!

    By Blogger The High-Tech Texan, at 3:57 PM  

  • The Beltline and Coit location was another frequent high school hangout of mine.

    Don't forget Alpha near Montfort, Beltine near Preston and one way up north in Plano on Central Expressway.

    By Blogger The High-Tech Texan, at 3:59 PM  

  • I wrote an email to their main office praising the Taco Bueno in Dallas and "begged them" to come to Houston about 8 months ago. I'm a firm believer in the "influence of one" because if others feel the same way it is probably, actually, the "influence of many. Now I'm hoping they come on with several more restaurants further into Spring and Houston, etc.

    By Anonymous needbueno_z, at 8:26 PM  

  • I spotted the Bueno while we were driving back into Houston after having visited Oklahoma for Thanksgiving (yes Tulsa has mucho Buenos and they're always my first stop when I'm in town). Of course, we ate Taco Bueno in Dallas on our way back to Houston as well and then were pleasantly surprised to see a billboard for Bueno and we hit the College Park one pronto! DELICIOUS! No other fast food mexican place can compete; my favs are the Bueno Chilada, bean burrito and the salsa! SOOOOO Glad they're back!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:23 PM  

  • I used to eat at the Taco Buenos in Houston, back in the late 70's. They had two on Gessner, several off of the Gulf Freeway. I was very excited when they opened the one in Conroe and also The Woodlands. I spoke with the District Manager, they reportedly are trying to sell franchises for the Houston Market. I have not seen any update, but at my last visit to the one in the Woodlands the manager hinted that they were looking at South Houston for the first site(s). I would love to see them somewhere in Southwest Houston, would encourage readers to contact their corporate office at to show support for their return to this market.

    By Anonymous Jeff Baker, at 10:21 AM  

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