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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Live from Houston Marathon Expo

Back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas so tune in today and catch all the updates and inside info of what we saw. And there's nothing better than running a marathon right after you spent 4 days in a crowded, smoky, alchohol-filled town.

I'm actually running the half marathon on Sunday and to get in the spirit we will be broadcasting today from the Houston Marathon Expo at the GRB. If you plan to come downtown to pick up your running bib or if you just want to see some health-related companies come down and join us for the show from 11a-2p. We will be in the Aramco booth towards the back of Hall D.

One of the trends that was prevalent at CES...touch controlled gadgets, not unlike the iPhone. Many new phones, PDAs and remote controls will have smooth glass screens with virtual keypads.

Toshiba was showing off a new way to control devices WITHOUT a device. Here's a shot of me working a DVD with simple gestures of my hand. A small camera at the top of the laptop captures movement of your hand and fingers. This is one of the many innovations that were on display that are not on the market yet and gets you to wonder if they ever will. Or are they a one-time mock up put together to garner PR for the company (congrats, Toshiba. It worked)

Oh yeah, don't forget...CHOCOLATE RAIN!!

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