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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Selling Your Old iPhone

  • The new iPhone 3G has been out for over one month and selling pretty well, I might add. Every time I pass an Apple store I see a line of about a dozen people waiting to get one and the regional AT&T stores have been sold out since the first weekend they went on sale.

    A lot of the people buying the new devices were owners of the original (1st gen) model that was released in June 2007. Some of these owners are still baffled about what to do with their original device now that they have the new 3G model.

    The folks at Newsradio 740 KTRH asked me to comment on ideas of what to do with your old iPhone. I'll speak with J.P. and Lana this Wednesday morning at 7:30am but here some quick tips and links:

  • Give it away (I'd rather have the cash)

  • Sell it (that's what I did with mine)

  • Jailbreak it (kind of tricky but it can be "unlocked" to use on another network)

  • Turn it into an iPod Touch (kill the cell/data service

A quick check of eBay found over 53,000 iPhone-related items. First gen iPhones range from about $250 up to $500 for unlocked versions. If you are not a fan of eBay there are other options to sell the device online. NF Technology Services will buy it from you (and other Apple products). Gazelle is another service that will buy your used iPhone and other gadgets

What did you do with your old iPhone?

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