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Friday, April 29, 2005

Tiger Time for Apple Users

It's here, Mac users. Time to put a TIGER in your tank. Apple users across the world lined up like Star Wars fans dressed in Jedi garb to grab the latest upgrade to their operating system. MAC OS X 10.4 seems like it packs a lot of punch in it paws.

Apple claims over 200 new features in the upgrade. Everything from SPOTLIGHT, which is like Google for your hard drive to DASHBOARD, a constellation of mini-programs that appear or disappear all together when you touch a selected key.

iChat AV has been upgraded and the Safari browser now subscribes to RSS news feeds.

Have you paid the $130 to upgrade yet? Is it worth it? Talk to me and share your comments with other users below with your posting.

Protect Your PC From ID Theft

It's been in the news this week. Computers being stolen and the data on those computers being at risk of being stolen.

One way to stop data and personal information from being accessed by thieves is to load software that DESTROYS all information if the PC has been lost or stolen.

Tune in to our show this Saturday at 12p CST and hear Jeff Rubin of Beachhead Solutions talk about thier product, Lost Data Destruction. The data is overwritten as many as eight times using random characters and simply cannot be recovered.

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