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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Welcome to the U-verse

After months of waiting many Houstonians now live in a new U-verse. Not a typo. U-verse is the new communication and entertainment service from AT&T.

According to the company the service offers customers "a combination of next-generation digital television -- including more than 25 High Definition (HD) channels -- and high speed Internet access." It also has a wireless home networking component which gives users the ability to access online photos, streaming video, games and other information using a wireless-enabled laptop or other device.

You got to love the Texas-based company. The Houston launch is the second market in which the U-verse service is available. The service was first launched in San Antonio in June.

I got to see a demo of the service about a month ago and it is pretty darn impressive. No latency when you change channels and the VOD is very intuitive. Pick a fave show or actor and the on-screen menu finds every match. And if that's not convergence, AT&T plans to bring the U-Verse IPTV content to mobile phone subscribers soon (Cingular, of course).

You can find out more here and see if you if your neighborhood is lit up.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Technology Roundtable - You're Invited Dec. 6

Join me as I host a community roundtable to discuss "Where Do You Fit In Houston's 2007 Technology Boom."

This is a continuing series at American Intercontinental University. It's free to attend and you never know who you will meet and what opportunities may come out of it. Technology leaders across the city will discuss and disect the outlook of local technology initiatives including an in-depth discussion of the Houston citywide WiFi project.
Wednesday, December 6:00p - 7:30p. AIU is located on the west side of town on Richmond Avenue just inside Beltway 8. 9999 Richmond Ave. Please RSVP asap so we can hold a seat for you. 281-213-9554

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 1

Wake up: 6:30am
Take kids to school: 7:30am
Arrive at KPRC studios: 8:00am
Figure out what the hell I'm gonna talk about my 1st day: 14.8 seconds
Move my stuff into office with Berry and Chris Baker: 8:40am
Mic on: 9:06am
Dead air: Believe it or not, NONE!

Got through my first day as a "real" talk host today and it went alright. I've done this media thing for a long time but I had one of those nervous-excited feelings. Kinda like David Carr before a game realizing he's probably going to get embarassed and have the s**t kicked out of him.

Had a nice batch of callers in Hour 1 but they tapered off in the 2nd hour. I have to get the audience used to not calling about technology related questions as I'll save those for my Saturday 12p-2p show. Got a few random calls about the Michael Richards incident which we covered pretty well.

I received no less than 60 emails during the show with most posing the queston "Where is Pat Gray?" The station has an official statement for the response but in simple terms he is a good man, the station's ratings weren't where they wanted them to be and it was time for a change. I found out about the opportunity only last Thursday but it is certainly something I had been wanting for some time.

I'll get more comfy moving into more subjects as time goes by. I know you are out there listening and blogging so don'tbe shy. Suck it up and call. Shoot the s**t with me. Think of it as an on-air blog. And maybe I'll be around for a while.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Welcome To The End Of My Career

Payback. After enjoying a luxurious 7 year vacation of sorts by "working" a few hours a week on radio, it's time I get my lazy butt in gear and start earning a living. Not that local radio pays a whole helluva lot but I'm gonna try.

Beginning Tuesday, November 21, I will host the daily 9a-11a slot on TalkRadio 950 KPRC. The suits at Clear Channel apparently think my B.S. degree from UT stands for something other than Bachelor of Science. So they are letting me use these initials to hopefully provide some provocative thoughts and interesting talk every morning.
I am actually pretty excited. The technology schtick got me this far so maybe opening up my mind may do something even more. I need your help, though. When you get to the office tune in to the live stream by clicking the station link above. You can send me email (make it funny and sarcastic and you're sure to get it on air) and I'll soon be bringing in my webcam for a live videoconference.
My Saturday afternoon technology show first aired back in April 2002 (photo). I'll still host this for a few more weeks until I dedicate my full time to the daily gig. If I'm lucky I may make the M-F deal last at least the 4 1/2 years my Saturday show has been on. If not, it's been nice knowing you!