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Friday, January 12, 2007

Back From Vegas

CES 2007 is in the books. We now can only wait to see what products and gadgets will actually be released, which ones will be winners or losers and just how much that dang 108” Sharp LCD monitor will cost when (and if) it’s launched.

Thanks to my guests who stopped by CES Broadcast Central during the week to be on my radio program. Here are links to their sites so you can follow up on their products and services:


Home Automation Inc (HAI)


I spent the rest of my days in the Las Vegas Convention Center with a camera crew shooting segments for Hot On Homes. I’ll post links to the stories as they air over the coming months.

Final thoughts…Flat-panel monitors were everywhere. I swear I got a tan just walking through the aisles of big, bright displays. Panasonic, Olevia, Sharp, Toshiba, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung and dozens of other companies I had never heard of were showing off screens the size of thumbnails to 15’ foot HD projections. Who has a media room large enough for these monsters?

Once you have these units what are you going to watch? Companies like AT&T, MediaFlo, Dish Network, AOL and other non-traditional broadcasters are ready to pipe in programs, music, videos and photos. Watch for content deals to be struck on many levels so you won’t miss one episode of The Apprentice (Seasons 1-5).

Someone should create a campaign based on the MTV’s early slogan called “I Want My DVD.” I’m not placing bets yet on the HD-DVD v. Blu-Ray format war as each was touting how great they are. HD-DVD was the first format released and its players are a bit cheaper. Movies in this format are outselling Blu-Ray DVD movies at a 3-to-1 clip but since the Playstation 3 has a built-in Blu-Ray player, I expect a lot more sales and traction from it this year.

Media Centers and smart homes continue to abound. Every year more and more devices and controllers are released to make your crib seem like George Jetson's sky high penthouse. HP was part of a group who built an actual house in front of the convention center. Software on your television can control lights, thermostats, security and webcams. HP had a very cool new computer with touchscreen called Touchsmart PC which is perfect for a kitchen.

A few cool, useful and fun gadgets to mention…The Tornado File Transfer Tool from a Dallas company called Data Drive Thru. Connect this retractable cable between two PCs and you can quickly transfer all files. Good call for when you get a new computer and want to get all your info from the old one to the new one.

I still am laughing at the Astro GPS from Garmin. You’ll never lose your dog but it may be hard to get your pooch in the vest (complete with antenna).

And realizing that unique products come out year round and not just at CES, I got a press release this morning upon my return for the Fish ‘n Flush. You gotta click to see this thing – an aquarium for you toilet. Come to think of it, it makes it convenient when the fish die.


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