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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pssst, Wanna Copy of Vista?

Have you heard that Microsoft is releasing a new OS? Yeah, me neither.

January 30 is the date and Vista will be available to download along with the traditional retail distribution model. Pricing for the many different versions is almost as confusing as airline fares so start figuring out which one you need.

Ah, screw pricing. About the only place to get Vista cheaper than a black market copy in China is to tune in to my radio show. We're not calling ourselves the official Houston Vista station but the boys and girls in Redmond are shipping us copies to give away.

No exact details yet but I would tune in daily if you're interested. If you have nothing else to do between 9a-10a while at your desk, feel free to stream the show and log on to watch the in-studio proceedings. If you've got a webcam, you may want to have a Vista logo at the ready. Hold it up to the webcam when I tell you and you may be able to win a copy.

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