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Thursday, September 06, 2007

100 song downloads for iPhone owners

Even Steve Jobs can admit when he pisses of customers. Less than 24 hours after announcing a $200 price cut - or 1/3 of its price - on the iPone, Jobs & Co. read its emails, blogs and, most important, watched its stock price take a dive yesterday. So for us suckers who shelled out the full $600 price for an 8GB iPhone, Apple is giving us a little gift.

A $100 rebate to be used at an Apple store or their online store. 100 bones don't go a long way for anything Apple but you could get a Nano (but if you have an iPhone there may be no need for another music device). I got a sweet pair of Sennheiser earphones there last year for $79.

But me guesses that most of these rebates will be put towards a gift card to iTunes. That's about 100 song downloads before taxes or maybe 50 TV shows.

Details about the rebate will be available on the Apple website soon.

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