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Monday, October 22, 2007

Apple Slices Song Price

Cool weather just blew through Houston so moods should be upbeat locally. Wall Street is expecting good moods later today as Apple will release its quarterly report detailing its busy summer. iPhones, new iPods, price cuts, predictions and more. They are waiting to announce things after the closing bell but I expect a little surge in the stock price.

Price cuts? DRM-free songs which debuted on iTunes a few months ago at $1.29 per were just lowered to the 99 cent price point, matching all other songs offered on the popular service. Good news but I still think Apple and other download sites need to offer tiered pricing on songs. No reason I need to pay the same price for a hot new Kanye West song and a 1977 B-side release.

Amazon's music site offers top songs for 89 cents with others going for 99 cents. Get prepped for a possible music download pricing war. Companies like Apple and Amazon can only offer prices so low without going belly up since most of the money goes directly to the RIAA, music labels, artists and more. The few pennies left over goes to the download sites. Profits are all in the volume, baby.

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