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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Light & Slight Blogging

Strong show on Saturday; thanks to everyone who called in. Guests included Dan Bryant of Yes, he really did average that much from a gallon of gas and he averages about 80mpg. Check out some hypermiling tips on his website. is the online backup service I mentioned. Put in the offer code RADIO to get two free weeks and two free months after you sign up. I just initiated the service a few days ago and already feel a sense of relief.

A caller had an issue with defragging his computer. The Windows defrag still left about 11GB worth of data scattered on his drive and he couldn't get it any lower. A suggestion from another caller led us to discover JK Defrag, a free solution. I just received an email from the initial caller with the problem and it worked brilliantly.

Blogging here will be light over the next few weeks. I'll be in-and-out of town with projects and trips so stay coooool.

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