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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Show from Belize

This place is unBelizable! Been here since Thursday and no sign of Gustav. We have met Captain Morgan, though. Jack Daniels and Jim Beam have taken a back seat to the locals here.

Me and a few guys (Turtle, E, Drama) are the guests of Journey's End and Las Terrazas resorts on the beautiful Ambergris Caye, an island just off the east coast of the Belize mainland. Thanks to technology including phone lines and the Internet, my show will air from here on Saturday at our usual time, 11a-2p CDT. We are one hour behind Houston time which means we can hit the water just after 1pm local.

This is truly a relaxing destination with white sand, a small town feel and crystal blue-green water being the major transportation up and down the caye. It was a short 2 hour flight on Continental Airlines - right on time, as usual. A 15 minute island hopper flight on Tropic Air put us in the heart of San Pedro on the caye. Then it was a water taxi to the resort.

You'll learn more about the country and the resorts during the show. Try to be near a computer to log on and watch our regular videoconference to see the sweet sights. I'll try to keep the microphone away from the infinity pool; that's lesson number one when broadcasting a radio show.

No worries about the tech aspect of the show. A rep from HP will call in to talk about several new lines of business and consumer notebooks including back-to-school gadgets. And we may have to touch on high-tech travel and leisure gear like SCUBA diving computers, how to stay connected internationally and GPS units to track your travels.

It's all gooooood down here, Belize it or not.

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