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Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday Show Topics

Between Las Vegas last week and Belize next week, I plan to actually do my show from The 9-5-0 studio tomorrow for a change. Wonder if my producer JoAnne will recognize me?

It will be similar to a three-ring circus with in-studio and phone interviews. First up is Don Rabalais from CORESTAFF. I've got some qusetions about the current status and future of IT jobs in Houston; hopefully Don has answers.

Energizer just came out with a new battery called Advanced Lithium. Why do we care? It alledgedly last 20 hours longer than the Energizer MAX battery and weighs 33% less than standard alkaline batteries. That could good news for wireless gaming controllers like the Wiimote and the guitar from RockBand. An Energizer VP will call in around 12:40pm to discuss and we should have some of the batteries to give away over the coming weeks.

And for all you home media wanna-be's check in just after 1pm when the folks from Aveon come in. They recently installed a Control 4 system in my home media center which allows for single remote control access for several different functions including home security and thermostats.

Rumor has it that a local restaurant is bringing in some food to put some meat back on my bones. I'm sure it will be good but I worked hard at dropping nearly 30 pounds and am in no hurry to put it back on.

Make sure to hit our live videoconference to join in the fun.

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