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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iPhone Updates & Houston WiFi News

While I was sweating it out in 107 degree weather in Las Vegas over the weekend (okay, I was in the pool and inside air-conditioned casinos most of the time), the national and local technology world continued to progress.

We knew last month that Discovery Green was lit up with a free WiFi signal and the City of Houston formally announced the service and launched a landing page earlier this week. It is being called a pilot program which could mean more free wireless spots may pop up around the city but we do know that a city-wide signal will not be coming soon.

The web site looks pretty clean and provides information about downtown hotspots. I would suggest using a laptop to find the locations as the cool-looking Flash map can't be viewed on the iPhone and other mobile devices.

Speaking of the iPhone, I continue to have issues with my 3G version. I am having many second thoughts about selling my original version as this 3G seems to be slow and sluggish. Apple released a new software update today (v2.0.2) and I now have to go in and reinstall my email settings.

Did I mention the battery life sucks? Who wants to buy my iPhone? The Blackberry is looking better all the time.

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