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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Radio Links

Rick Cassani from Media Light & Sound came on the show Thursday to talk about home theater systems. Amazing how many people asked about those home theater-in-a-box systems. $200 or so will get you some start-up gear but not the greatest surround sound system.

It's always best to plan a home theater/multimedia center when building a home, if possible. If not, a sledgehammer could be your best friend (and worst enemy) if you want to retrofit your home with a lot of tech gear. I did this to my home about three years ago - 59 holes punched in my sheetrock and lots of dust. Ain't too cheap either.

Friday's main show topic will be about cell phones - tips on what gear and calling plans to look for and stay away from. Not too many hours left before Christmas so tune and start shopping.