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Sunday, December 17, 2006

YOU Are The Person Of The Year

Pretty clever or a clever cop out? I've always enjoyed guessing who Time Magazine's Person Of The Year choice will be. I always remind people that the selection is for the person or people who change the news for better or worse (which is why Hitler has been chosen).

Time went a bit crazy back in the early 80s by choosing the personal computer as its cover story. In hindsight that was a pretty good call as the PC has gone on to play a large role in how we live. So now the Time editors are telling us that CONTENT on the PC (via the Internet) made a difference in 2006. I guess the term Web 2.0 will now become mainstream.

Thanks to "You" the Web apparently became more relevant. It's not the mainstream media telling us news and stories but everyone - including You - submitting your own stories, photos and videos that matter. With sites like YouTube and MySpace, you did change the way we watch, read and interact with each other.

I can't disagree with this choice since I have realized for a long while that You have changed the way we learn and interact with each other for almost a decade. But I could have also considered Kim Jong Il an international threat in 2006, Suri Cruise for creating a new type of media frenzy for doing nothing but being born or even poor old Pluto for getting dissed after shining semi-brightly in the sky for 76 years.

Did Time choose wisely or did they simply choose to put YOU on a pedestal? Tune in to my show at its NEW TIME on Monday, 12pm to discuss.


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